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Baking our next batch of Beacons

With the recent storms hammering on our now closed workshop shutters to keep the worst of the weather out, Sam and I have been reveling in the production of our next batch of Beacons.

Making bike frames can be tense: tolerances are very tight and when working with the finest and thinnest steel tubing (Reynolds incredible 853 for us!), margins of error are small. But, when we set up Windover we were clear in our philosophy: not only did we want our bikes to bring many happy cycling miles, we wanted to really enjoy making them. By some sort of osmosis, we’re pretty sure this enjoyment and pride in our work transmits to the frames!

After a long day in the workshop yesterday, we were delighted to reflect that the hours of experimentation over the past year with our manufacturing jigs, systems and processes are paying dividends. We’ve been able to work with added relaxation and confidence, aided by some great playlists.

We’re currently making a batch of 8 Beacons to replenish our stock, and then we may well do another batch or turn our attention to our MTB (spoiler alert - we are planning a new model release in early 2024), or perhaps do some more prototyping on a fast road tourer.

Meanwhile, back to the workshop today with the melodic sounds of Lucky Dube’s ‘House of Exile’ awaiting!


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